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2012 Mayan Calendar Apocalypse Doomsday Prepper Survival Kit

With the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse upon us, every good prepper needs this survival, trauma, and disaster kit.  When the sky starts raining fire and death you’ll be safe and sound with all the goodies included in this sweet two person quick escape kit.  The Mayan Calendar predicts the end of the world on December 21st, 2012.  If you’re anything like me, and one can only assume you are, you know that THIS time all the doomsday predictions are surely true.    So let’s make a quick run down of what’s included here before the world ends on us:


(2) Tactical Survival Sleeping Bags: Olive Drab Reversible.

(20 Tabs) Aquamira 1 L Purification Tabs.
(3) 1 Liter Stand Up Sterile Bags.

(1) 2,012 KCalorie Survival Bar.

Survival Matches Tube, NATO, 25 match qty. Wind & Waterproof.
(2) WetFire Tinder.
(1) SparkLite & (4) Tinder Quick.
Fresnel Lens Magnifier.

Button Compass, 20mm

(2) Photon LED Light: with Strobes, Morse, & SOS.
ResQBrite Signal Panel by Survival Metrics (TM)
Rescue Flash Signal Mirror
Rescue Howler Whistle:

QuikClot 25g Bleeding Stopper
(2) Personal Protection Kits Totaling:
2 x NAR Respirator: NIOSH N95 with carbon layer.
4 x Black Nitrile Gloves.
IOSAT Potassium Iodide Radiation Emergency Pills:
Full Two Adult Supply for 14 Days. (2 x 14) 130-mg tablets. Individually foil sealed. Instructions & Information Included.
Tactical Trauma Dressing, 4 in.

Survival Fishing & Sewing Kit, 12 pc.
Snare Wire, Stainless, 6 ft.
Pocket Saw, E&E, 18 tpi:
Pocket Razor, Folding, 2 in.
Scalpel, #22.
Duct Tape, 2 in. x 26 in.
Silicone Self-Fusing Tape: Silicone rubber tape designed for extreme situations, developed for the military.1 in. x 5 foot roll in zip pouch.
20 ft. 550 lb. Test Parachute Cord (paracord): 7 strand:
Nylon Cord, Braided, 100 lb test.
Aluminum Foil, Heavy Duty, 3 square feet.
Miniature Pencil & Waterproof Note Paper, (2) 2×3 in:
Waterproof Survival Instructions:

TACTICAL CARRY POUCH: Ripstop Nylon/Waterproof. MOLLE/PALS webbing for attachment. Subdued Survival Kit Patch Identifier in (9) languages. 7.5 in. L x 3.75 in. W x 7 in. H.
Kit weight: 2 lb. 14 oz.


Pretty damn sweet. Now check out this video that showcases the coolest 2012 Mayan apocalypse survival kit on the internet!