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3d home planetarium star theater pro


A love of science starts early and lasts a life time.  What better way to get a kid hooked on the beauty of our cosmos and the glory of our vast universe than a 3D Home Planetarium.   This is the 3D Star Theater Pro from Uncle Milton.

As a kid who grew up in the big city I can relate to the wonder of seeing a dark sky FULL of bright stars for the first time.  With a home planetarium such as this one, it doesn’t matter if you live in the outback of Australia or under the bright lights of a big city, you can get the full enjoyment of the magnificent spectacle that is our night sky here on Earth.

The neighbor kids and all of your child’s friends will run home to their parents with stories to tell about the awesome light show of science that takes place right in the comfort of your house.  Think about the interests and hobbies this could lead to, do you want your kid drinking beer and doing drugs at night?  Or would you rather they were hiking up a desolate trail into the mountains carrying only a half a pack of poptarts and their trusty telescope.


Did I mention everything is in 3d?  Well it is.  It will seem like you are actually IN the universe (which you are) when you don your 3d glasses and turn this thing on.

Includes 2 different Star Discs for different planetarium shows, as well as a planetarium soundtrack included!


So the question is:  What’s *your* favorite planet?  And why?  Pluto, get over yourself.