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Cereal Dispenser


No kitchen is complete without the coolest way to serve up your favorite cereal.  With the Cereal Dispenser you can clear out the pantry and have your favorite brand of breakfast cereal ready to serve into perfect portions.  Not only does this awesome gadget work for cereal, but you can use it for tons of other stuff like oatmeal, candy, granola, nuts, beans,  and rice.

Plus, every visitor to your house will see it and instantly think “Man, I gotta get me one of those”.  Which is actually the whole reason behind buying anything.

This contraption is great for the kids, and people who forget to seal the bags back up.  It dispenses exactly 1 ounce per twist of the handle so you’ll know exactly how much you are portioning out and avoid wastefulness.  Each canister holds a gallon of dry food.

Next time you pour your cereal from a boring old box, you’ll remember how much you need the Cereal Dispenser!