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Hand Held Mini Wireless Keyboard



This is a mini keyboard to control any of your sweet gadgets from the palm of your hand.  Ever wanted a physical keyboard to interact with your tablet, mp3 player, or even your smart phone or smart TV?  Well now you can just hook up this full qwerty keyboard wirelessly and away you go.  Maybe you want this for the presentation room at the office to control PowerPoint presentations.  It has a built-in laser-pointer and the keys are back-lit for use in a darkened room.  One thing is for sure, it’s annoying as hell trying to use a standard TV remote to search for your favorite YouTube videos on smart TV.  That’s not all, it also includes a touch-pad for mouse functionality.

Or maybe you just want to lay down on the couch in your computer room and type up your school or work documents from across the room 🙂