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LED Car Window Marquee


We have all had the dream of a sign on the back of car or truck that would communicate our feelings to the person behind us.  Now all of that is possible with this LED Car Window Marquee.  We all know the guy that if the speed limit is 65, he has to drive 75.  If the speed limit is 75, he has to drive 85.  He leans over the steering wheel because it makes him go faster.  Then he gets RIGHT BEHIND you on your tailgate as if he’s trying to “push” you out of the way.  Well, this is the perfect opportunity to start a road rage incident.  I think I’d toggle between smiley face and middle finger, and maybe throw in a little tongue sticking out action.  (As I let off the gas and slowed down in front of him even more.  What would you use this for?