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Portable DJ Scratch Mixer


Turn your iPhone, Android  MP3 player or whatever into a mobile DJ Scratch and Mixer station.  This thing has two auxiliary input also you can connect virtually any digital audio device to it and start your career as a mobile DJ.  Here’s some of the stuff that it does:

cross fader between 2 aux-in sources

scratch job wheel,

EFX / Tempo / Mic Control / Cue Controls

multiply sound effects: 3 scratch / 6 beat / 2 voice / 3 drum cue / 3 digi cue

line out jack for connecting with your home stereo system or portable amplified speakers

stereo headphone jack (headphones not included)

stereo microphone jack (microphone not included).


So what are you waiting for.  You know you have dreams of mixing some beats and laying down some sick tracks in the back of your moms minivan on that family vacation, so get to it 🙂