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Solar Powered USB Phone Charger

Harness the power of a star and channel the fiery radiation to charge your phone or other small electronic devices.  With the Solar Powered USB Phone Charger, there’s no more need to hunt around for outlets and when traveling abroad no need to find adapters to plug into the wall.  Simply let the charger sit in the sunlight for several hours, or even strap it to the outside of your backpack or something.  Then when you need to charge your device, plug into the USB and power up your iPhone, iPod, android device, kindle basically anything that charges off of USB.

Obviously this is good for the environment  but think about how handy this will be on that day at the beach, hiking or fishing trip, or…zombie apocalypse.  Granted, there probably wont be any functioning cell phone towers during the end times, but at least you can charge it up and look at the pictures of your kids and all the fun times before The Great Zombie Apocalypse.  I would say this is a must have item for any serious doomsday prepper, think of how many things we have that charge off of USB.  As long as the sun still shines, so will the screen on your phone.