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Star Wars Force Trainer

The force will be strong with you once you go through rigorous Jedi training with the Star Wars Force Trainer from Uncle Milton.  Have you always felt like there was something special about you but never knew how to increase your telekinetic power with the Force?  Well, now you can rise through the ranks from Padiwan, to Jedi Knight, and eventually to Jedi Master in the comfort of your own home.  At first you will be but a learned, but by the end you will be a master.  It will be just like shooting womp rats back home.

Star Wars Force Trainer Hardware

How does it work?  Well you simply wear the headset which uses a combination of metachlorian detectors and repulsor lift technology to harness the latent force powers in your mind.  You simply focus your energy on the remote training ball droid thingie in the cylindrical chamber and amaze your friends and hermit-like masters alike.

Check out the video to see it in action.