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startrek style 3d Chess set



Any fan of Star Trek will remember the famous TriDimensional Chess Set that the character would use for a little R&R between away missions.  So if you are anything like me, you are wondering: How can I play 3d chess at home?  Well the answer is simple, get yourself the TriDimensional chess set and then learn the rules of the game….yes there are actually official rules for 3d chess.




About the chess set itself.  Instead of a normal boring two dimensional chess board, this game has 3 main levels of play.  In addition to the non-moving “White, Neutral, and Black” levels of the board, there are 4 moveable corner sections that are moved by the player.  Just like normal chess, no game will be the same, and in this case, not even the chess *board* will be the same each game.


startrek style tridimensional chess set front view



The rules in a nutshell are that during each player’s turn they can move either one of their chess pieces, or one of the mobile sections of the board.

If the player chooses to move a piece, they move it like in normal chess, but in order to move from level-to-level they use the mobile sections as a bridge.  Best way to visualize it is that each main level of the board are at height 2, 4, and 6.  and the movable sections can be at heights 1,3,5, and 7.  Pieces can never move from fixed level to fixed level, or movable level to movable level.

If the player chooses to move a mobile section of the board, it must either be empty, or contain one pawn controlled by the moving player and no other pieces.  Valid moves for the movable sections are:

For the full rules with pictures check out this write up at Chessvariants.org

Got all that? Good.  Now you are ready to match wits against all kinds of Vulcans and Androids and stuff.  Like in this video:


So, the question is:

Who would win in a 3d chess match?  Spock or Data?